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Partners of the project

Tuesday 22 January 2013, by Un Ponte Per...

The project "Shaping the MENA coalition on Freedom of Expression" brings together partners from Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq.

Project leader
Un Ponte Per... is an Italian NGO founded in 1991. We are working in close cooperation with the local civil society organizations in order to prevent conflicts, by setting up advocacy campaigns, cultural exchanges and international cooperation programmes.

Project partners
Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS) is an NGO from Morocco dedicated to defending and promoting the economic, political, social, civil and cultural rights of groups and individuals, without racial, ethnic, language, religious or sexual discrimination. It seeks to contribute to a secure and autonomous social democratic movement in Morocco.

Association Culture et Citoyenneté Numérique (ACCUN) is a Tunisian NGO created after the revolution which promotes freedom of expression and grassroots media activism.

Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) is a regional NGO with headquarters in Egypt. It calls for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens and individuals in Arab countries and defends any individual or group whose human rights are subjected to violations.

Al Mesalla is an Iraqi NGO created in 2004. It works to cultivate a human rights culture, supporting principles of human rights in general and women’s rights in particular; rejecting all violence and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion and sectarian differences. Al Mesalla promotes a culture of non-violence and encourages society to believe in non-violence as the only way to pursue political, economic, social, and educational changes.

Associazione Ya Basta is an Italian NGO created in 1998 to promote a society based on dignity and rights. Inspired by the Zapatist movement, Ya Basta is involved in national and international solidarity projects and initiatives.

ESC Roma is an Italian social and cultural group active in Rome and involved in solidarity actions abroad.

This project is in partnership with:

al mesalla

Al Mesalla




Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)

al mesalla


ya basta

Ya Basta


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