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Steering committee of the project

Tuesday 12 February 2013, by Un Ponte Per...

The project began wih a steering committee in Tunisia bringing together the partners of the project.

Representatives from Un Ponte Per, FMAS, ACCUN, Ya Basta and ESC attended the two days-meeting. Unfortunately the representative from Al Mesalla could not come because the difficult security situation in Iraq prevented him from traveling, and the representative from AOHR had to cancel at the last minute.

The meeting began with a general introduction of all the partner organizations and representatives, since only Un Ponte Per... knew everyone, even if bilateral relations already existed between several groups.

Then we concentrated on a detailed discussion of the general activity plan and a precise discussion of the activities to be implemented in the first year of the project.

All the documents of the project (activity plan, logframe, budget) were reviewed carefully together.

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steering committee meeting in Tunis

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the administrative and financial reporting of the project: reviewing the EC requirements, examining the methodology and tools used by Un Ponte Per and carrying out a reporting exercise to familiarize everyone with the tools.

A collective reporting system was set up to be used by all partners for the duration of the project.

The first steering committee concluded in a friendly atmosphere, all partners being ready to work for the collective success of the project

Mitigation of partners’ absence at the steering committee

Un Ponte Per sent the project manager to Egypt and Iraq for a two-days meeting replicating the agenda of the steering committee. This allowed the absent partners to be fully informed and ready to take part in the collective work and helped establish solid direct relations between partners.

The full agenda of the meeting is available below.

This project is in partnership with:

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Al Mesalla




Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)

al mesalla


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Ya Basta


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