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Second training in Morocco (21-24 November 2013)

Monday 25 November 2013, by Un Ponte Per...

This second training was titled “Monitoring freedom of the press in Morocco (part 2)”. There were 25 participants.

It tackled the following issues:
- Journalistic deontology
- Documenting cases of violations: criteria for monitoring, categories of actors defended (journalists, citizen-journalists, media organization, etc.)
- Type of violations
- Typology of the monitoring database
- Methodology for collecting information
- How to implement this kind of monitoring in Morocco
- Establishing an observatory: strategic planning and mandate definition
- Practical group sessions to define the implementation of a civil society observatory for freedom of expression in the press in Morocco

This second training, with the same participants as the first one, moved forward with the idea to establish a civil society observatory of the violations of freedom of the press in Morocco. A large part of the training was hands-on practical group work to discuss and define the goals, scope and methodology of the future observatory.

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