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Second training in Egypt (31 October - 3 November 2013)

Monday 4 November 2013, by Un Ponte Per...

This second training in Egypt was titled “Practicing advocacy for freedom of expression”. 22 participants attended it.

The program tackled the following issues:
- Introduction to Human Rights (Important terms and definitions)
- Freedom of Expression in International law (Covenant on civil and political rights + European Convention on Human Rights)
- International mechanisms for the protection of Human Rights (Treaty Bodies)
- International mechanisms for the protection of Human Rights, especially freedom of expression (Non-Treaty Bodies)
- Freedom of Expression in National legislation (Constitution + legislation)
- Freedom of Expression in National Legislation (laws regarding journalism + Publishing)
- Court cases related to freedom of expression (practical)
- Journalists and bloggers in Court
- Right to access Information + Academic Freedom
- Practical work (writing a draft for a new law governing freedom of accessing information)
- The role of Bloggers in protecting and promoting freedom of expression
- Defending freedom of expression (collaboration + advocacy campaigns)
- Considering Reports on Freedom of Expression

The training concluded with a round table discussions with guests on “Increasing Freedom of Expression: Prospects and Aspirations for Egypt” with the chief editors of Egyptian newspapers Al-Ahaly and Al-Wafd and experts.

The full program of the session is available below.

PDF - 201.8 kb
Agenda 2nd training in Egypt

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