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Morocco: The Investigative Judge of Appeal Court in Salé Releases the Jouralist Ali Anzoula Temporarily

Saturday 26 October 2013, by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)

The investigative magistrate of the terrorism crimes in the Appeal Court of Salé decided on Thursday, 24 October, to temporarily release the Moroccan journalist and head of the website “Lakome” temprarily, after accepting the petition submitted by the defense lawyer on October 22 to the Appeal Court to set the journalist free.

The security forces on September 17 arrested the journalist after storming his house and inspecting the headquarters of the site as well. The authorities confiscated all the computers and laptops. The statement of Morocco’s Public Prosecution justified the detention of Anzoula; saying that he published a tape for Al-Qaeda in Maghreb includes incitement to terrorism. This proves how the accusation is weak. The topic that accompanied the tape was about the Al-Qaeda and doesn’t refer to any bias from the website for this terrorist organization. Moreover, the head of the website’s French version, Abu Bakr Gamey, had earlier affirmed that he was the one who published the video on th website, and publishing a video about an incident or any group doesn’t mean its adoption by the website, it is rather a press custom. However, the court will consider the case of the journalist on October 30.

SOURCE: http://www.anhri.net/en/?p=14011

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