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First media center training in Tunisia (3-6 December 2013)

Saturday 7 December 2013, by Un Ponte Per...

The main goal of this training was capacity building for the young activists managing the three media centres. The training took place in Sidi Bouzid and in Menzel Bouzeiene, for two days in each locations.

23 participants attended the trainings: 11 in Sidi Bouzid and 12 in Menzel Bouzeiene. They were all selected among the local network of activists for their interest and motivation.

The two trainings followed the same program, which tackled the flowing topics:
- Use of professional audio Mixer
- Use of digital audio recorder
- Use of professional microphones
- Use of video-projector
- Software for audio editing
- Management of a media centre
- Experiences of communication in the independent medias in Italy
- Methods to support citizens’ involvement in the independent medias
- Social communication
- Citizen Journalism

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