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Egypt: Political Students Movements in Universities Undermined

Wednesday 24 September 2014, by The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)

Cairo: 24 September, 2014

The students movement in Egypt is one of the most important political movements, which mobilizes the Egyptian street. The students’ participation is basically an education on the sound political participation. Nevertheless, many decisions and statements by the officials are made to undermine the students movement and gaging them.

In a report published in Al-Shorouk newspaper on September 22, some professors from Ain Shams and Cairo universities said that the security measures imposed in order to let them enter the campus are considered insulting to the professors’ status, and rather they exceed the acceptable limits in some times.

There are several extraordinary security measures such as there will be a follow-up by the students, who are called patriots, to inform about their colleagues when they practice any political action. In the same context, the students of Faculty of Economics and Political Science were banned from set up a camp for communication, in spite of their desire to convene the conference in a state-based place not a secret place, and they choose professors with various trends, except Muslim Brotherhood ones. They develop a cultural program in the a political debate for the faculty’s students. However, a decision by the dean of Cairo University was made to ban the event. Also, Al-Azhr University on Sunday, September 21, suspended a researcher because he described the June 30 protests as coup. He was precluded of being granted his degree. Researcher Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Attia has presented a PhD. Thesis about “the issue of governance between the secular currents and the contemporary Islamic groups. He, however, wasn’t received his degree because of describing the June 30 protests as coup.

“The freedom of political action and the freedom of expression are clearly guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution, therefore; undermining the students movement and all the past practices are completely unconstitutional”, said ANHRI.

ANHRI demands from the concerned bodies to review all these decisions to suit the guarantees of freedom of expression and to ensure the political participation of all the society spectrum in a free manner.

SOURCE: http://www.anhri.net/en/?p=18328

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