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Call for small projects for freedom of expression in Egypt

Thursday 3 April 2014, by Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)

Guidelines for participants

This call for project is launched in the framework of the regional project titled: “Shaping the MENA Coalition on Freedom of Expression”, a project funded by the European Union, implemented by Un ponte per..., AOHR (Egypt) Al Mesalla (Iraq), , FMAS (Morocco), Ya Basta and ACCUN (Tunisia). This is a 24 months endeavour aimed at reinforcing the role of civil society in advocating for freedom of expression in Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Tunisia.

Who can participate?

Small size civil society organisations legally registered in Egypt.

What kind of projects?

Projects and campaigns for freedom of expression in Egypt (only outside of Cairo region) aimed at young people and communities at large. Proposals must bring forward new and creative ideas, with a Human Rights/democracy added value to promoting and defending freedom of expression.

Project duration: 1 month to 3 months

Budget: 30,000.00 EGP to 48,000.00 EGP

How to participate?

Participants must submit their project by email only. You need to fill a project proposal, form and a project budget form (use the documents Annex 1 and Annex 2 provided with this call for project).

Your project application must be sent by email to aohrarabinfo@gmail.com before the 27/04/2014.

Each organisation can send only one project proposal.

Selection criteria

The applicant must have the operational capacity to complete the activity for which funding is requested. Only organisations which demonstrate the necessary operational capacity may be awarded a grant.
Projects will be evaluated according to:
− Project centred on freedom of expression and objectives related to this specific call for proposals
− Overall design and feasibility of the action: setting realistic objectives and providing a precise list of activities
− Relevance of the proposed action and target groups identification
− Project duration less than 3 months
− Cost effective project

The following will be considered an added value to any proposal:
− Previous experience and geographical coverage of the applicant (dissemination potential)
− Participation of youth (-26 y.o.) and women
− Turning beneficiaries into participants
− Building the capacity of small, new and less structured organizations
− Dialogue with decision makers

Timetable of this call

Publication of the call 03/04/2014
Deadline for submitting proposals 27/04/2014

All decisions are final.

SOURCE: http://www.aohr.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/المنح-الصغيرة.pdf

This project is in partnership with:

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Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)

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