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Annual Report: 21 Martyrs and 286 violation cases against Journalists in Iraq in 2013

Thursday 2 January 2014, by Press Freedom advocacy Association in Iraq

2013 witnessed an unusual methodology of targeting journalists in different locations in Iraq, and especially in Ninawa Province which is abandoned by most of journalists, the sum of victims was the most since 2007, more than 21 journalist were killed 17 of which were killed due to the nature of their work.

The Press freedom advocacy association in Iraq registered more than 286 cases of violation against journalism between kidnappings and abducting, bullying and preventing coverage, it also registered more than 700 trial cases in the court of “publication and media” alone, all the cases were regarding “Crimes of libel and defamation” of the Iraqi law 1969, some of the inherited laws of the previous era which is re used in the so called “protecting journalists law” which was drafted by the parliament in 2011.

Although the most noticeable issue in 2013 was targeting journalists, but the legislative challenge is most dangerous challenge against the freedom of press, given that both legislative and executive powers is a band of draft laws not only threatens press and media but the whole transformation to democracy in Iraq. The association delivered the first proposal of revision for “journalist rights law” to the parliamentary committee of culture and media in September 2013 and till now it has not been listed for the parliament’s agenda.

Read the full report (PDF file below).

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